Use the best WooCommerce plugin to boost your eCommerce

Use the best WooCommerce plugin to boost your eCommerce

WooCommerce has been applauded by those non-tech folks who are looking to convert their WordPress website into a full featured e-commerce website. Online merchants, both small and large sized are adopting the WooCommerce plugin as it’s simple to install and customize. To top that, it’s free.

Ever since it’s initial release ,Wordpress has established itself as one of the best solutions for powering an online store. And with increasing number of plugins available ,WooCommerce has made a mark for itself by running on 24% of e-commerce sites with total downloads reaching 6.7 million (figures as on March 2015). With such a large community present, there is a plethora of resources for those looking for help.

If you are looking to join the WooCommerce extension bandwagon, we bring together some of the best WooCommerce plugins to help you boost your ecommerce website. Some of these are paid ones, but they make it to our list by delivering a positive ROI to hundreds of users worldwide.

  1. Master slider– Responsive touch slider

Want to display your product with a professional style on your ecommerce website? This responsive plugin will enable you to create eight different slider types for your product. Owing to it’s automatic slide sample building ability, you can create a complete slide with just a few clicks. This device friendly slider works perfectly in all major devices, supporting touch navigation with pure swipe gestures that you have never experienced before.

As Master Slider has been built using the best practises in WordPress (both on front and back end), it is efficient, robust and intuitive. Moreover it works with all wordpress themes, including the default ones.

2. WooCommerce customer history

Customer insight, be it on whatever aspect, is important. The customer history extension empowers you with information on how your customers navigate through your site, calculates how much revenue a particular customer will generate for you over a lifetime and keeps their purchase histories.

The makers of WooCommerce customer history extension realized the importance of reporting and analytics in analysing customer behaviour. As an e-commerce website owner, this customer insight can empowers you with endless possibilities : From rolling out promotional campaigns to optimizing your sales process parallel with user experience.

Though this is not a free plugin, a good value for your money is guaranteed. After all, a little investment in the right things is the principle of life !!

3. WooCommerce follow-up emails

Another plugin on our list that will directly impact customer experience and hence, sales. Follow up emails can work wonders for an ecommerce website. It is the best form of direct marketing. WooCommerce follow up email plugin ensures that your customers keep coming back to you for repeat purchases by enabling you to send customized follow-up emails.

You can draft e-mail templates for different customers and set up a time frame, in which these emails will be automatically sent to your customers. The timeline of these emails will be set as per the customer scenarios. For ex: If somebody has purchased a 500ml bottle of shampoo today, you can send an email after 30 days along the lines of “Hope you liked the shampoo” and another reminder email after 6 months as “Would you like to re-order?”. You can edit the email body and purchase requirements before an email is sent out.

This plugin definitely lets you leverage the single purchase a customer made on your site, directly impacting your top line revenue.

4. WooCommerce Multilingual

When you are selling your product globally, you must ensure that your ecommerce site is fully multilingual. WooCommerce multilingual plugin turns product and website pages into translatable ones.Moreover it allows them to switch languages and place orders in their respective language without any hassles.

Imagine some bloke in Japan will who was searching for a particular product all over the web, found it on your website and saw that all product descriptions could be translated in Japanese AND the checkout process was in Japanese too !! You can almost feel him appreciating your efforts in language adaptation, can’t you?

Moreover, it inventory tracking happens without breaking products into languages.And you can run a single WooCommerce store with multiple currencies.

Cool, isn’t it???

5. Pushover for WooCommerce

Mobile is everywhere, with increasing internet penetration and faster internet speeds. And e commerce has not been left behind, spreading significantly over the mobile platform. Pushover for WooCommerce integrates with the Pushover notifications app for both Android and iOS systems.

All you have to do is install the plugin and follow a few simple steps. You will automatically receive notifications on new orders, out of stock items, etc. on your mobile device. This is mobility at it’s best.

6. WooCommerce admin bar addition