Things Every Business Owner Should Know about SEO and Online Marketing

Things Every Business Owner Should Know about SEO and Online Marketing


Marketing has a whole new face it is SEO. Small companies and large firms are starting to offer you online marketing services. Part of this suite is the SEO aspect of the campaign. SEO usually comes with a promise that you will start to rank on the first page of the Search Engines. How is this accomplished and what goes into it will be something that you need to know.

Research is Required

Perusing a first page ranking on Google or even Bing first requires some research. One of the first things that an SEO firm will do is an analysis on your keywords. That is why you get so many telemarketing calls about this; a quick study shows them which terms to look at and which you aren’t ranking for. You will often get calls telling you that you aren’t ranking on the first page but that only means for terms that they are specifically putting in.


You should know that it is true, you won’t rank in the top spots for every search term related to your business, unless you are Google. But chances are there are search terms out there that are bringing your business. There are also terms out there being searched that are not benefiting your business. These are the ones that you can narrow down, capture, and start working towards.

SEO works in a simple way, the higher you are ranked on the first page, the most traffic your website receives. But remember it is 100% about the search traffic behind that term. A good example of this, is a cosmetic dentist. In your area, you might not be ranking for “Mini dental implants” but the truth is that might not matter. If that term is only being searched 5 times per month, it might not be worth spending $2000 on improving that keyword’s rankings.

The Google Dance

Many marketing firms will tell you that they cannot promise rankings. These are the firms to trust. Google and Bing are constantly updating the way their search engines work and pull results. Being able to wisely see how the changes effect you will require some help. Google goes through regular updates to help their consumers find what they are looking for; and unfortunately, that might mean your website isn’t shown.

From time to time and hour to hour, you will see your rankings change. Your website will be ranking on the top of the page, then suddenly a few weeks later at the bottom. Google is responsible for this and it is normal. Expect to see your rankings move and dance around the first page. The real trick is getting your site to the first page; once you are there mastering the top spots requires a lot of work.

SEO Building

The final question that many wonder is what goes into an SEO campaign. That is another tricky answer that many firms avoid answering. First, a lot of link building. This means that blogs and articles are written about your business or industry and posted throughout different forums. A lot of SEO firms now use a proprietary network of blogs and writers to ensure quality writing.

However, with the many changes that are made on the Search Engines, it is difficult to say month to month and year to year what will prove successful. For instance, it used to be directory listings were a staple for SEO building, now not as much. Now companies rarely use directories other than to post their information. Focus changes, and an SEO firm will help you stay on top of that change. Be cautious when using a different types of business for handling your SEO; Some printing companies in Tucson offer SEO services but not all of them will produce the same results. You get what you pay for and the experts who do it all day will be the ones you should trust.


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