Smart Apps for Healthy Lifestyle

Smart Apps for Healthy Lifestyle

A smart app can help start your car, turn on your house-alarm, pay your bills and also live a healthier lifestyle. These apps are designed to ease the process of doing some basic things. Below are the top seven smart apps that can help you live a healthy lifestyle.


Relax Melodies (Windows-Phone, free)
This is for those that want to cut weight. It uses a formula for calculating the calories in a menu of about 3 million foods from MyFitnessPal. If you are in need of some encouragement in the dieting process, you can recommend it to your friends. You will be amazed at the effectiveness of this award-winning app.

KidsDoc (iPhone and Android)
Having a small medical device whenever your child is sick has advantages. Kidded app was created by the American-Academy-of-Paediatrics to assist parents analyse the meaning of their children’s symptoms, choose the best treatment, and know when they should seek for emergence help. You pick the predominant symptom of your child, or select the child’s body part which hurts; the photos then assist you to decide whether the symptoms match the possible causes; whereas the definition informs you about the other symptoms which might be affecting your child. The app provides you with a step-by-step set of instructions of how to take care of the child. If the problem is big, it tells you to seek for emergence care.

Garmin Fit (Windows-phone, free)
When you turn on the Garmin-Fit app before heading out for your cycle, walk or run, it’ll be able to inform you how long and for how long you have been going; the speed, and the quantity of calories you have burnt. This can help runners that are training for a competition view their progress as it saves all the sessions. The phone’s app can be synced with Garmin-Fitness sensors to get information which is more accurate.

Sleep Talk Recorder
This is a free app for android smart phones. This smart app helps you to hear what you speak during nightmares or memorize about your lover. It initiates sound-recording whenever one says “mess”. These recordings can be shared on social networks for people to enjoy or to request for friends like you.

Symple – Symptom Tracker
This is an iPhone smart app which can help persons with or without chronic diseases to keep track of symptoms and warning signs so as to reach a diagnosis. It can also be used to revise a treatment plan quickly and more specifically. Symple can help you note the factors which might have helped to ease your symptoms. The app can only monitor the symptoms of one person at a time.

Lumosity (IPhone, free)
This app has the ability to adjust habits which fit every user. Lumosity focuses on the brain activity’s five most important areas including: speed, flexibility, attention, memory and ability to find solutions for problems. The app classifies exercises according to each difficulty level.
Gym Pocket Guide (Windows-phone, free)
This is another great app which can help you lose muscle, weight, and also create new exercises. It has got over 95 exercises, usually with high quality video, pictures and detailed instructions which can easily be followed by the user.

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