Should I Use Backlink Software?

Should I Use Backlink Software?


It is not a top secret that using a wrong or suspicious software for building up your backlink fortress can easily end with the banning from the Google and exiling your website from the search engine results. And we do not want to experience the faith of the doomed, don’t we?

On the other hand, using a right backlink software can bring you a high ranking and a stormy traffic with a right sort of the visitors.

We all know the backlinking champagne can be conducted in several ways, using the different kind of the techniques.

And this is the right time saying goodbye to all those dodgy types who expects revealing and promoting dark secrets of the forbidden black hat SEO methods. This is just not a place for that. The point of this article is to encourage people to build the powerful backlink strategy without breaking a single paragraph from the Google’s creepy policy.

There is two main ways to reach that goal- manual and automated link building strategy. The choice depends on several factors such as your knowledge about the SEO, time, money… In the end, it is depending from your character- do you prefer job to be done by a drone or with your hands on the airplane’s stick controls.

While the manual backlink strategy involves all that old-fashioned things like blogging, commenting, link submitting, the other method means that someone else would do all that for you. The manual approach needs knowledge and time; the automated money and faith in your chosen backlink software.

The biggest drawback of the most backlink software is that you do not have full control of the process. Yes, they all guarantee you tons of links and visitors in a short time, but this is just not the safest way of doing it. These powerful and great links are quickly converted into a toxic and unnatural behavior- the favorite themes of the Google’s spam team.

In the most cases, the majority of self-styled backlink software products are fraud that you should avoid like a holiday with your mother in law.

However, not all of them suck. Some are really helpful and they are run by the experienced SEO experts who truly know what they are doing.

  • The first tip for the choosing the right backlink software is to check does it involve expert support and does it operate by people or machines.

  • The second thing is the nature of the links. If they offer just generic, automating driven backlinks from the suspicious sites, you should forget about them. You need the team of the professionals who manually build links from the authority sites that is naturally connected with your niche.

  • Finally, you want the links from the sites that have high page rank in its root, not the links from some secluded page that nobody knows to exist.

We already hear a question from the sharp reader: “Is not a paying someone for the building backlinks a violation of the mentioned Google’s quality guidelines.”? Well, hell no! There is a huge difference from the paying for the links and paying someone to build it in the right way. That’s obvious for anyone who has some experience with backlinking. No one can ban you because someone works instead of you. Even not Google. At least for now.


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