Samsung S6 Edge Review Hands on

Samsung S6 Edge Review Hands on

I just held the Samsung S6 Edge in my hands. It made my jaw drop. The screen is so so so sharp and its very fast & light. I was checking how fast and responsive the camera is, and it was unbelievable – I clicked 47 pictures in 10 seconds while changing the view/angle and all pictures were clear, sharp and crisp.

The Edge display looks and feels really good but it has basic functions only which is nice in a way, however I also feel that the Edge display should do more and if you drop your phone by the Edge, it might break.

I also feel that there should have been a memory card slot and a bigger battery. If it were cheaper I would be really confused that if I should buy it or not, given the price, I have to think no more.

Let me use if for a few days and will let you know more details about this beast.


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