Quick Tips to respond to an email in Gmail

Quick Tips to respond to an email in Gmail

Every day our e-mail boxes move dozens of messages in some cases even hundreds, many of which require a response. No matter what the situation is, this deserves a careful response.

In this sense, we present you some tips to improve their responses in Gmail.

1 – Change the email subject

When you receive an email in Gmail and click on “Reply” immediately comes the text box following the conversation. It is something quite useful and that puts the conversations quite well organized, but you may need to change the subject, and this option is not visible. But there!

When you choose the option to reply, on the left side of the text box, even before the contact for those who follow the answer, an arrow appears where you should click to arise some options. One of these options is subject. Just then select this option to have the can do.

2 – Add contacts Cc and Bcc

If you want to reply to an e-mail and to inform the other person at his answer, then you should use these fields. If you want the contact to whom you are responding stay with the information that there are more evolvidos elements on the subject, then use the Cc field, if you want this information is not disclosed to its response contact, then use Bcc.

In order to access these fields, you must click on the area where the response contact and there will emerge “Cc” and “Bcc” on the right, where you must click to expand the desired option (or even both).

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3 – Keep, by definition, the “Reply All” option selected

When you receive an email in which several people are included in the message is important that answer comes to all, otherwise they would not have been included there. What happens is that, by default, the fast response option is only “Reply”, causing the response is sent to the e-mail sender that will answer only.

So you should access the settings to Settings> General> Default response Behaviour and select “Reply All”.

4 – Enter the signature attached to all your outgoing emails

Whatever the message you send is important that you include your signature. So you do not have to work constantly to write and to be sure to include it simply, you can enable it by default.

Should access the Gmail settings, the sprocket on the top right, and go to General signature. Select the email that you want to attach a signature and in the following text box just put text and / or image you want to emerge at the end of all your messages.

5 – Activate the cancellation of sending

How many times have not sent a reply to an e-mail and the next moment regretted it, or because it lacked important information, or because said nonsense, or committed a grammatical error?

Again in General Settings is an option that should enable: Cancel “Send”. Once selected the option, you must configure the cancellation period, between 5-30 seconds.

6 – Set a default email address for your answers

Have more than one email address associated with your Gmail account? In this case is so important to define which e-mail you want as principal to send their emails and responses.

Settings should then access the Accounts and Import and Send mail as. The default is the main account that is preset, but you can select any other associated you use most often.

Regarding the response to an email, you should always be made from the receiver e-mail, so you should have selected the “Reply from the same address from which the message was sent.”