Manage Files on Gadgets and Cloud Storage Servers With File Expert App

Manage Files on Gadgets and Cloud Storage Servers With File Expert App

Files are stored on different gadgets like mobiles, tablets, computers and even cloud storage servers. It becomes quite difficult as the files to be managed are keep on increasing. This is where we require File Manager apps to manage them. File Expert with Clouds is one of the best Android App that exactly serves this purpose.

File Expert with Clouds - screenshot

Exclusive Features

Easy Access

File Expert App helps users to locate their stored files easily and in quick time as they are organized into different pre-defined categories that are kept in the first tab of the App. One can easily download File Expert App from the Play store.

File Expert with Clouds - screenshot

Easy Navigation

With a clean user interface it is very easy to navigate through the App without any guidance. The design of the App is wonderfully done and gives amazing look and feel to the users. Options are easily accessible with different vibrant colors used.

Cross connections

This App can transfer files from one device to the other using different kinds of connections like WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC. All it needs is some sort of communication mode to transfer the files. Moreover it can also access FTP, SFTP servers. Just provide the FTP credentials like IP Address, Hostname, User-name, Password and port number to get access to the remote files.

File Expert with Clouds - screenshot

Tab Based Interface

File Expert App provides tab based interfaced that allows users to switch work folders quickly. It just works like a tabbed browser where in each site opens in a different tab in the same browser window. This allows the users to easily know which other folders are opened and transfer files among these folders.

File Expert with Clouds - screenshot

Access To SD Cards

Not all File Manager Apps gives the users complete access over the external SD Cards or memory cards. Not even to the internal storage of the phones. But File Expert provides complete access to the files stored on the memory cards let them be internal or external.

File Expert with Clouds - screenshot

File Operations

It supports all kinds of operations to be executed on the files to manage them. They can be cut, copy, paste, delete, rename, send, hide, favorites, shortcut creation, create new files, folders, batch operations for multiple files at a time.


It can be small files or bigger ones. It makes no difference for the File Expert App to deal with files of any size. Even big files can be uploaded or transferred efficiently without any lags. Other Apps generally do not handle large files and they provide some restriction to the size of the files to be managed.

Archive Manager

File Expert App can create and extract ZIP and RAR archives. One can view compressed files of any extension like ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZIP, TGZ, BZ, etc and can directly extract them to unique files and folders. There is no need to use any other archive app for this purpose.

It has more features like:

  • Thumbnail viewer
  • Image viewer
  • Play media files
  • Backup apps to Gcloud
  • Uninstall apps
  • Root access to system files
  • Inbuilt Text editor


Till now I have used different File Manager Apps but File Expert with Clouds is my favorite app to manage files. It is the only App that can manage files in my phone with KitKat Android OS. I also look forward to see for the feature that can enable the user to change the extensions of multiple files at a time. My overall rating is 4.8 out of 5 scale in File Manager Apps.


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