Is It Time To Change Your PPC Management Company?

Is It Time To Change Your PPC Management Company?


As more and more consumers migrate to the virtual marketplace, companies are looking for any way they can separate themselves from their competitors in that crowded space. The need to optimize Internet advertising has given rise to an entirely new marketing discipline: online marketing. Today, marketing firms offer their clients all new tips and tricks aimed at helping to conquer the digital business world.


The Benefits of PPC

One of those tips includes “pay-per-click” (PPC) marketing, or the buying of banner ad or link clicks through the use of keywords or phrases purchased from a PPC network. With PPC, one’s site or ad is guaranteed to be listed at or near the top of the network’s organic web searches. PPC offers a number of benefits over other online marketing methods, including:

  • Instantaneous increases in web traffic

  • Optimization of online marketing funds

  • Targeted customer selection

What Not to Look for in a Provider

Yes, PPC has proven to be quite an effective marketing tool. Yet choosing a PPC provider is definitely a scenario where the buyer needs to be aware of what sort of ROI he or she can expect. Be sure to check the BBB for companies that have a good reputation. This is was just one of the many reviews for Wpromote that finally made us decide this was the company we wanted to work with.

There are a great number of PPC providers out there for one to choose from, each promising to land a company’s site within that coveted “Top 3” of Internet search results. Perhaps a better way to determine which of these providers can deliver on that promise is to focus on those business aspects which potential clients should be leery of:

  • Technical jargon: While the concept of PPC is not overly complex, the actual technical processes behind it will go over the head of those without extensive knowledge of online marketing techniques. PPC firms looking to divert attention away from providing less-than-promising results may try to overwhelm clients with technical jargon. The hope is that by appearing knowledgeable on the subject, they’ll earn a client’s trust without that client researching their performance history. 

  • Unsolicited e-mails: Everyone gets those general e-mails from firms that start off with trying to identify them as someone who the firms have noticed has as struggling with their online marketing efforts and offering promises to help them improve. When contemplating the legitimacy of these promises, one should consider this: would a reputable provider only look to approach clients from the angle that only its services can help improve their poor results? On the contrary, a confident PPC provider goes to those companies already engaged in successful online marketing and promises to help make their results even better.

  • Restrictive contracts: The fact a PPC provider’s contract includes early termination fees should immediately raise a red flag with potential clients. A good provider doesn’t require such tactics in order to retain a client’s services. Instead, the results that it produces for that client should be all that’s needed to keep the client motivated to continue their contractual relationship.

The rise of online marketing has produced a number of firms that claim to hold the keys to reaching today’s virtual customer. The tactics used to deliver on such promises, however, are hardly proprietary. That’s why it’s so important for a company to choose a professional PPC provider that has the experience necessary to help use those tactics to its advantage. Finding such a provider may be difficult, but the increased traffic that one will see on his or her site make going through the selection process worth it in the end.


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