Is it inefficient to learn WP-CLI and Gulp?

Is it inefficient to learn WP-CLI and Gulp?

I’ve heard good things about both and just recently learned they both have similar functions in the workflow. I can speak to WP-CLI, when users muck up things, wp-cli is a tool I use to regain control to disable plugins and reset passwords. I created a script to mass-create single sites for a teaching environment. 50 single sites, gimme 2 mintues… smile emoticon WP-CLI will speed up repetitive WordPress tasks.

This script has a few private things in it, like passwords. When I get the time to clean it up, i’ll put it out there.

They are different tools that do much different things. In the work I do, gulp/grunt have been very helpful, while wp-cli hasn’t seen as much use. But they both seem unseful for what they do.

And really, neither is a deep tool… Like a day or two with either and you’ll have a handle on what they do.

Both are beneficial. WP-CLI makes interacting with WordPress faster and in some cases more accessible should you be locked out of admin. Gulp can automate tedious tasks that are universal to any website (concatenation, minification, image optimization, etc.).

Gulp will be used mostly for the front end stuff like concatenation of code, image optimization, etc. But since it is based on node.js, anything a node package can do can be plugged on gulp.

Otherwise, wp-cli, on the other hand, will mostly be used to access different functionalities of WordPress through the command line which will be useful in many cases. For example, I used it recently to export the remote database sql file to reimport it locally really easily (don’t need to use mysqldump with credentials as it loads dynamically the informations from the wp-config.php) so I had only to do “wp db export dump.sql” then change my wp-config.php to reflect localhost settings then “wp db import dump.sql”

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