How To Transfer Files Between Smartphone and PC ?

How To Transfer Files Between Smartphone and PC ?

Everyday we come across a lot of annoying tasks like working on our smartphones with tiny keys. If the technology is compress into smaller devices like smartphones then why not we get the same technology used for enlarging and managing the tasks on a bigger device.

Now a days almost every hand has one or other smartphone based on Android operating system but there are some situations where we do not really feel much comfortable carrying each and every task in the phone. Apart from smartphones, people also use their PCs or laptops for the majority of the tasks. What if we can manage all the tasks of our smartphone in the computer itself? Is there any Android app that can serve this kind of purpose? Yes, the answer is Web PC Suite Android App.

Most of the users complain that they are not comfortable in carrying many tasks with smartphones being it is smaller in size and difficult to type. This is where smartphone management tools for PC like Web PC Suite come into the picture.

Web PC Suite helps to carry our daily phone tasks on a PC or a laptop. They provide windows like user interface so that we can manage files in our phone in a computer.

How Web PC Suite works?

To start with managing files you need to download Web PC Suite from Google Play store. It is just 2MB sized wireless file transfer app that easily gets installed on your phones.

Now start the app and it will give one IP Address with which we can access the files in our phone in a PC through a web browser.

Web PC Suite - File Transfer - screenshot

Now access the IP Address in the web browser in our computer. Here we can find all the files in our phone like the Windows desktop screen.

Web PC Suite - File Transfer - screenshot


The file browser can be minimized and maximized like any other window. There are so many options provided with this file browser.

Web PC Suite - File Transfer - screenshot

Web PC Suite - File Transfer - screenshot


There is no need to use USB cable to access the files. All it needs is both the PC and the phone should be on same network. One can upload files with a simple drag and drop. One can even read the text files from your device using this Android App.

It also supports cross platform file transfer. It works with any Android mobile or tablet and PC. Tablets and mobiles can be Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG, Nexus, etc. Computer can be Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Ubuntu, etc. All it needs a file browser.


A must-have for any smartphone user . This app provides a good way to interact with your content on your device. What can be a better app to manage the items on the phone so quickly and easily, to share items and links with ease. It’s a perfect app to transfer all your media files wirelessly. All you need is a WiFi router and you are ready to go.



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