How To Create A Slider Inside A Post?

How To Create A Slider Inside A Post?

I’m in the process of doing a large news site and the clients is planning to do a lot of sliders. Sure, I could just have them make sliders in the Layer, Rev, Soliloquy, etc, slider area in wp-admin and then copy shortcode to bring it over, but it’s going to create a ton of sliders there and might get messy sorting through it all. Instead, it would be great to create a slider directly on the post area itself inside of it’s own custom area/field.

Sounds like a gallery shortcode with a plugin to style it… JetPack, Envira… FooGalery… etc.. Otherwise, if it’s REALLY, a slider (slides link to other content), I’d use Soliloquy.

you could do it with the gallery custom field from ACF.

The gallery field in ACF generates a gallery — images in a grid. You would need to use additional code to turn that into a real slider. 

The carousel and slider shortcodes in Shortcodes Ultimate will let your client generate sliders within posts pretty easily.

The repeater field in ACF would also be a great option. Pair that with SlickSlider and you’d have a nice little setup that wouldn’t take long to implement.


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