How far back are theme developers going with CSS for Internet Explorer?

How far back are theme developers going with CSS for Internet Explorer?

I’m thinking that with pulled support of Window’s XP that a lot of old IE browsers have gone the way of the DoDo bird, making CSS overrides obsolete.

Some people still use XP though. I think it would be prudent to continue supporting IE 8 until Win 10 is well established in the marketplace, sometime later this year. That being said, I wouldn’t waste my time creating anything new with IE 8 in mind.

Depends on the userbase of the site .. common stats are crap because maybe the site is for “hipsters” with the latest gadgets (and browsers) or the laggards (the ones that refuse to turn off that damn NT 4.0 machine and still use Netscape Navigator)

For client sites, look at the browser stats and charge more the further back you need to support. Use feature sniffing & progressive enhancement as support doesn’t mean identical/follows the same process flows.

There’s a certain logic to supporting IE8 and later as a rule of thumb, because there are still a lot of users who could be using XP, and IE8 is the most updated version of Internet Explorer that XP will support.

If it renders okay in 8 it’s fine with me, even if I loose some special effects like rounded corners, shadows, and the likes. Text and images must display in an acceptable layout, close to what you see in ‘modern’ browsers! That’s it for me.

Depends on target audience. Technically Microsoft themselves don’t support IE8 any more. The way around all of this is to build sites mobile-first and add in fancy extras as progressive enhancements.

You can add polyfill JS like Modernizr with conditional tags if you need to support some functionality in older browsers

Until, your clients husband (the ultimate critic and self proclaimed knower of all things) views the site you are building on IE8. And grinds the project to a halt. Just know.. Out there, in the wasteland, there are still the relics that will see and critique, sadly, your work. Personally, I think MS should just blow up remotely all computers that don’t use the version that they intend.. Just a thought.

You look at analytics and base your targeting on data, not random guesses.


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