Google will take the Play Store to China in 2016

Google will take the Play Store to China in 2016

The Chinese market has always been attractive for the big brands. With millions of potential consumers, it is a place where everyone wants to be due to the financial return that may have.

Google, which has been brushed off China, now wants to return to this country, preparing to launch in 2016 its Android application store.

Is not the first time that this information appears, taken for granted and as the next big conquest of Google. Back in September of this year Google’s interest in the information return to China was taken for granted.

Expected to happen in the fall, would not take place, losing to Google his time to regain this market.

But the new information, Reuters coming, takes for granted that it will be next year that Google will enter the Chinese market, starting with its application store.

Since 2010 that Google pulled out of China due to various problems. The absence of the application store also due to the control that the Chinese government wants to have traded in content and applications.

To comply with local rules Google must create a specific version of Play Store for this territory and isolated from other versions, with a specific filtering and according to the rules of the Chinese government.

The Play Store will not, of course, the only product that Google wants to put China. Others will follow, but there is still no definite plan about which ones will accompany the application store.

The Chinese market is too interesting for Google to let yourself get out. Apple has proven that it can compete with local brands and conquer your space.

Aware of this reality and it has to offer to users, it is natural that Google wants its share of this market and that there can grow.

2016 will be the year of the return of Google China, complying with all government taxes, thus giving the reasons that led her to leave in 2010.