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For the average American, the internet is an essential aid in everyday life, affecting our working habits, shopping, and socialization. Across the States, 74 percent of the population go online on a regular basis, with an average of 66 hours spent in the digital world every month.

However, as much as we depend on the internet today, many users know little of its architecture. The behind-the-scenes aspects of websites we use every day may well be a mystery, but does the average consumer need to know what makes a particular domain tick?

Not necessarily. However, users familiar with shopping online are adept at identifying potential security risks, aware that certain unethical businesses may well be untrustworthy. A little doubt is enough to chase valuable customers away to your competitors.

For businesses, understanding the foundation of their own domain is important to maximize its efficiency. Companies large enough to build a dedicated web-development team will have an in-house band of experts able to create a powerful site, but for those without the budget or means for such an indispensable resource, alternatives are available. Services offer even the most technologically-unsavvy users the tools to build their own site.

One area of SEO and site-architecture a business has to consider is the security they choose, deciding between an HTTP or HTTPS site– but what does this mean?

What Is HTTPS?

HTTP is short for HyperText Transfer Protocol. This is basically a group of standards which give internet users the ability to exchange data on web pages, with the browser requesting the information to be displayed from the server hosting the site.

During this data exchange, HTTP makes no effort to retain information on previous online sessions, reducing the amount of data to be sent for faster load speeds. As crucial as quick-loading pages are, security is paramount, and users are willing to sacrifice a second or two for added peace of mind.

So, what is HTTPS? This is a secure variation of HTTP, built to offer users greater safety, particularly during transactions. For example, HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure is active on sites which display a padlock icon in the URL bar (which most users are likely familiar with) as an assurance of the site’s encryption.

With HTTPS, the connection between the browser and the site’s server is encrypted, protecting any payment details the user enters. Customers expect the very best security when visiting a site, especially if prepared to give money to the business.

Google caused waves in the SEO community when they announced sites with a HTTPS structure were to receive a slight rankings boost, though this was revealed to make less impact than other factors (such as quality content).

Beyond this, what other benefits does embracing an HTTPS domain offer.

Trust, Safety, Credibility: Building A Bond With Customers

Trust is everything between a business and its customers, and the presence of the green ‘secure’ symbol in the URL bar is proof positive that a company takes its clients’ security seriously. This is only a small part of good overall online service, but an important one nevertheless.

HTTPS also prevents any third-party apps and MiTM (Man in The Middle) attacks from tampering with your site, adding to its overall security profile. All information passing between a browser and server, including credit card numbers, browsing histories, and other sensitive data, is encrypted, not just passwords.

Any business deciding to switch from an HTTP site to one using HTTPS should be aware that a change handled poorly will affect traffic for the worse. Migrating your domain to HTTPS is similar to transferring it to a new URL – if done right, the repercussions are kept to a minimum.

Important steps in the process include:

  • Remember to point links from social networks and other sites to the new HTTPS domain
  • Take care that the URL for every page remains the same, except with an ‘HTTPS’ in place of ‘HTTP’

As time-consuming as this may appear, switching to HTTPS is a worthwhile endeavor, offering customers a more secure experience. An HTTPS set-up may be an advantage to new businesses with new websites, in that it can help to dispel doubts users may have about your company’s legitimacy.

By using this as a ranking signal, albeit a slight one, Google rewards websites prioritizing its users’ security. As complex as the inner-workings of websites are, and as difficult the HTTP VS HTTPS set-up might be for many of us, the thinking behind it is actually simple. Encrypting visitors’ personal information prevents problems further down the line, and greatly reduces the risk of unauthorized activity, which remains a common threat today. 

From Tennessee to Orange County, digital marketing done right has the power to transform a business’s success. When combined with quality content, an eye-catching layout, and responsive functionality, HTTPS-level protection can help to make a site worth any user’s time, every time.

About the author:

Kyle McManus is a freelance writer for Nett Solutions

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 14th April 2015 Written Update Full Episode Itna Karo na Mujhe Pyar 14-4-2015 YouTube Full episode online written update.

Actress Pallavi Kulkarni a.k.a. Ragini of “Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar” fame will soon get to know about the hidden truth of Suhani’s birth in the forthcoming episode of the soap opera. As viewers saw Suhani (Palak Jain) trying her best to bring Neil (essayed by Ronit Roy) and Ragini closer while Neil and NiveditaÂ’s engagement is on in full swing, on the other hand, Ragini is heartbroken knowing that Neil will not be coming to hospital anymore.

Watch full episode of 14 April 2015

Written Episode of 14th April 2015

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AP ICET exams 2014 conducted for eligibility into MBA and MCA courses in the Universities of Andhra Pradesh. This time also exams conducted by Kakatiya university.

Important Dates

On 23rd June 2014 ICET exams are conducted and lakhs of students appeared for the exam. The primary key of ICET is released on 26th May 2014. Results will be released on 9-June-2014

It is the Kakatiya university that conducts these exams. So for admit cards, application forms, hall tickets or results it is the Kakatiya university that holds the responsibility.

How to Download ICET Results:

Login to the official site link apicet.org

Enter your hall ticket number

Hit Submit

Get the result printed or checked on the screen.

Once we get the updated information then it will be added here in this page. So keep visiting this page and bookmark it for easy access.

Looking for Dhaka ssc results 2014, comilla board SSC result 2014, chittagong board, dakhil result 2014, www.educationboardresults.gov.bd,  madrasa  , rajshahi board.

bd ssc results 2014

Here in our site we are going to let you know all the information about SSC Results BD conducted in 2014. We know you all successfully completed your exams and eagerly waiting for the results to be announced. It seems bit delayed and lot of confusion among the results date. Results are released today on 17th May 2014 Generally they release results 60 days after the exams are completed.

Bangladesh SSC Results 2014

DIBS Dhaka Board click here

Chittagong board click here

Comilla board click here

Jessore board click here

Barishal board click here

Madrasa board click here

Rajshahi board click here

dinajpur board click here

Sylhet board click here

Technical click here

All you have to do is login to their office site as mentioned above.

Provide your exam hall ticket or Roll No. in the space provided there in and hit search. You are on the results page.

If you have been speculating how to play online poker games on your iPhone devices, no need to worry, you are not alone in this competition. In the previous few years, the tools and technology behind Smartphone devices has risen dramatically. You can heave high speed wireless internet connections into the blend and have a recipe or the option for a mobile poker game. There are so many reasons of playing poker games on Smartphone devices. The demand of online poker games has been increasing for many times. Due to this reason, the WSOP has introduced a new app for iPhone devices in New Jersey so that iPhone users can play online poker games and earn real money with them.

About the new launch

The World Series of Poker app is put on the market for an Apple OS, iOS. The free app functions with the 4.0 version of iOS or above this version. The main concentration of the WSOP is multi-playing by mode of internet and is perfect for a long time or regular poker players, who can nowadays register their progress. In fact, new poker players can start the game with a good quantity of chips, but daring betting will create this plunge easily and quickly.

What the game offers

The game app permits live play with friends. But it is important to have an account on Facebook, a social media site, for the sake of first name and display picture in order to begin playing the game. You are unable to change this in-game to a personalized name and avatar, but every person is imagined to play with friends or companions, so this must not make players feel uncomfortable unveiling their identity. This mobile poker app for the iOS operating system has wonderful prizes such a tour to Las Vegas. It is important to get in touch with the fact that it is consistently enticing poker players and remaining them assigned through identical options. The WSOP is extremely flexible, providing the probability to carry on the games across Smartphone devices like iPad or iPhone or on social media sites like Facebook. You will find a lot of Poker apps for different operating systems of Smartphone’s on the internet to experience more.

About the previous version

As there is a present version of an app i.e. 3.3.10, awards chips free of cost more frequently as compared to previous app versions. You need to know that there is the danger of running out of chips. This risk, mainly needs to reflect on, whenever poker players need to purchase more chips. The game app as well permits for playing Blackjack with the help of the real money in between the poker hands.

It is available in French, Spanish, English, Dutch, German, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and Italian languages. The WSOP also incorporates tutorials and guides for new and inexperienced users. Also, this app calculates the intensity of each and every poker hand. This is a great feature included in the game. Beginners would not be capable to improve their proficiency in single player game mode, but climb up directly into the multiplayer option.