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Technology | NCProject
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Python is one of the powerful programming languages which are used for development purpose. Python is a general purpose, popular and versatile programming language. This language is concise and easy to read and it is also a good language to have in any programmers stack. This programming language can be used for everything from web development to software development and scientific applications.

The python language provides many career opportunities for the candidates in the professional field. Many candidates are eager to learn the python language. Such candidates can learn python training courses.

What the course is about?

This course provides the introduction to both fundamental programming concepts and the Python programming language. At the end of the course, the participants will be familiar with Python syntax and the candidates will be able to put into practice what they will have learned in their training.

This Python machine learning course in bangalore enables the participants to become a professional in Python language. By learning this course the candidates will become a professional Python programmer. This course will provide the candidates about the basics of Python language. This training provides a comprehensive training that includes the fundamentals of Python language.

The course is advanced level training on Python language and algorithms. This course will ensure to give hands on experience in multiple and highly used learning skills in both supervised and unsupervised learning. This training will ensure the participants that they can apply their learning algorithm in their programming and will learn how to work on the real time projects.

This course ensures the participants to work hands-on with data while they learn the course. Candidates will be able to work on Python platform after the completion of this course. Also, the candidates will receive a certification states that the candidate is a certified Python programmer.

What are the course objectives?

  • Internalize the concepts and construct of Python language
  • The candidates will learn to create their own Python programs
  • Master Python basics and advanced web development in Python

What candidates will learn?

  • The candidates of the python machine learning certification course will
  • Understands about the concepts of the Python language in detail
  • Understand variables, loops and statements in Python
  • Learn about the features like Meta programming, GUI and networking programming
  • Learn how to create eminent GUI with python
  • How to connect to databases and fetch data from records
  • Learn about the functions in Python
  • Able to obtain knowledge on intermediate Python
  • To write crispier and more scalable code by using the advanced and new features of Python

Who can do this course?

This course is taken by the persons those who aspire to learn the Python language and its features and by the persons those who want to start their career in the Python platform. This course can be pursued by the following professionals,

  • Any aspiring programmer
  • Web developers
  • Students
  • IT Professionals
  • Python programmers
  • Programmers
  • IT Professionals
  • Developers

This course is ideal for programmers, people who want to learn programming and develop web applications.

Bluehost has been a powerful hosting offering different kinds of services.Bluehost is one of the largest and most trusted web hosting services powering millions of websites. This time Black friday falls on 27th November 2015

Bluehost is also offering the black Friday sale which will allow you to buy web hosting at an incredibly cheap rate. This would be the biggest sale of the year on which Bluehost will provide discount up to 70%. Usually, their basic web hosting (Starter Plan) for a year is about $5.99 per month but on the black Friday sale you can get it for as little as $3.40 per month only! Bluehost will also offer a great discount of around 50% on VPS hosting and the dedicated hosting plans.

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Bluehost Black Friday Deals 2015

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There are 4 types of VPS hosting packages offered.

  • Standard
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Bluehost hosting features

  • Unlimited domains
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Unlimited GB hosting space
  • $100 Google advertising offers
  • A free domain on registration
  • Free website template
  • Free site tool builder

Bluehost gives a 99% Uptime guarantee, which means they are confident about their services and you are in safe hands. If you scan some of the Blue host hosted sites, then you will rarely see 1% Downtime, that too due to wrong selection of plan or some technical issue in the website.

So, You can completely trust this company as they very much reliable, when it comes to speed and Uptime. Their servers are very fast, that you can easily get a rise in rankings due to increase in loading speed of your website, after shifting from another web host to Bluehost. So, use this black Friday sale and save huge money while buying this high quality hosting.



The Chinese market has always been attractive for the big brands. With millions of potential consumers, it is a place where everyone wants to be due to the financial return that may have.

Google, which has been brushed off China, now wants to return to this country, preparing to launch in 2016 its Android application store.

Is not the first time that this information appears, taken for granted and as the next big conquest of Google. Back in September of this year Google’s interest in the information return to China was taken for granted.

Expected to happen in the fall, would not take place, losing to Google his time to regain this market.

But the new information, Reuters coming, takes for granted that it will be next year that Google will enter the Chinese market, starting with its application store.

Since 2010 that Google pulled out of China due to various problems. The absence of the application store also due to the control that the Chinese government wants to have traded in content and applications.

To comply with local rules Google must create a specific version of Play Store for this territory and isolated from other versions, with a specific filtering and according to the rules of the Chinese government.

The Play Store will not, of course, the only product that Google wants to put China. Others will follow, but there is still no definite plan about which ones will accompany the application store.

The Chinese market is too interesting for Google to let yourself get out. Apple has proven that it can compete with local brands and conquer your space.

Aware of this reality and it has to offer to users, it is natural that Google wants its share of this market and that there can grow.

2016 will be the year of the return of Google China, complying with all government taxes, thus giving the reasons that led her to leave in 2010.

Researchers at the University of California, Riverside have found that some printed pieces in commercial 3D printers, are toxic to some fish embryos.

These results may raise some questions about the safety of these parts when used in people’s everyday lives, in the classroom and in homes.

No doubt that more and more 3D printers are like “factories” in a box. But the conventional industrial plants, such as production and processing we know, have certain characteristics when it comes to the environment we breathe, hygiene and health of the materials that are used.

As the professor of bioengineering Faculty of Engineering Bourns, William Grover, “the factories are regulated, have their own, controlled environment, and we did not want to have that environment in our homes, but now we are bringing to our homes these plants.”

Researchers have studied two common types of 3D printers: one which melts the plastic to build the part and another that uses light to transform a liquid in a solid part.

They found that both kinds of 3D printers processes were toxic to the zebrafish embryo, indicating that the print process with the liquid base was the most toxic of the two.

Researchers have developed, however, a simple post-press treatment, put the printed parts exposed to ultraviolet light. This treatment reduced the toxicity of the liquid parts of the printer base.

But why this study?

The market for 3D printers is growing a giant form and there are very few studies about the various inputs. Already with regard to values ​​involving this market, Canalys report realize that the popularity of 3D printers is increasing.

The market value of these printers has grown from 288 million to 2.5 billion dollars in 2013 and it is estimated that go reach 16.2 billion dollars in 2018.

Already the price of 3D printers continues to fall. Printers that melt plastic can now be found in the market below $ 200 and those using liquid for 3D printing can now be purchased under $ 3,000. These devices are coming out of the industrial market, market research for small businesses and for the domestic segment and a very quick way, is what has raised important issues in the security chapter.

Do we know whether it is toxic or not the 3D printing process?

The substances used to be melted and converted into 3D parts must be regulated and have control of toxicity, although as the investigators, it is still a complicated process since there are many manufacturers of these printers and components. Still can not identify all that is placed on the market, mainly because it is still a new and without a well-defined market direction. There is however urgent to realize that security is assured.

Every day our e-mail boxes move dozens of messages in some cases even hundreds, many of which require a response. No matter what the situation is, this deserves a careful response.

In this sense, we present you some tips to improve their responses in Gmail.

1 – Change the email subject

When you receive an email in Gmail and click on “Reply” immediately comes the text box following the conversation. It is something quite useful and that puts the conversations quite well organized, but you may need to change the subject, and this option is not visible. But there!

When you choose the option to reply, on the left side of the text box, even before the contact for those who follow the answer, an arrow appears where you should click to arise some options. One of these options is subject. Just then select this option to have the can do.

2 – Add contacts Cc and Bcc

If you want to reply to an e-mail and to inform the other person at his answer, then you should use these fields. If you want the contact to whom you are responding stay with the information that there are more evolvidos elements on the subject, then use the Cc field, if you want this information is not disclosed to its response contact, then use Bcc.

In order to access these fields, you must click on the area where the response contact and there will emerge “Cc” and “Bcc” on the right, where you must click to expand the desired option (or even both).

Quick Gmail Tips

3 – Keep, by definition, the “Reply All” option selected

When you receive an email in which several people are included in the message is important that answer comes to all, otherwise they would not have been included there. What happens is that, by default, the fast response option is only “Reply”, causing the response is sent to the e-mail sender that will answer only.

So you should access the settings to Settings> General> Default response Behaviour and select “Reply All”.

4 – Enter the signature attached to all your outgoing emails

Whatever the message you send is important that you include your signature. So you do not have to work constantly to write and to be sure to include it simply, you can enable it by default.

Should access the Gmail settings, the sprocket on the top right, and go to General signature. Select the email that you want to attach a signature and in the following text box just put text and / or image you want to emerge at the end of all your messages.

5 – Activate the cancellation of sending

How many times have not sent a reply to an e-mail and the next moment regretted it, or because it lacked important information, or because said nonsense, or committed a grammatical error?

Again in General Settings is an option that should enable: Cancel “Send”. Once selected the option, you must configure the cancellation period, between 5-30 seconds.

6 – Set a default email address for your answers

Have more than one email address associated with your Gmail account? In this case is so important to define which e-mail you want as principal to send their emails and responses.

Settings should then access the Accounts and Import and Send mail as. The default is the main account that is preset, but you can select any other associated you use most often.

Regarding the response to an email, you should always be made from the receiver e-mail, so you should have selected the “Reply from the same address from which the message was sent.”


I’ve heard good things about both and just recently learned they both have similar functions in the workflow. I can speak to WP-CLI, when users muck up things, wp-cli is a tool I use to regain control to disable plugins and reset passwords. I created a script to mass-create single sites for a teaching environment. 50 single sites, gimme 2 mintues… smile emoticon WP-CLI will speed up repetitive WordPress tasks.

This script has a few private things in it, like passwords. When I get the time to clean it up, i’ll put it out there.

They are different tools that do much different things. In the work I do, gulp/grunt have been very helpful, while wp-cli hasn’t seen as much use. But they both seem unseful for what they do.

And really, neither is a deep tool… Like a day or two with either and you’ll have a handle on what they do.

Both are beneficial. WP-CLI makes interacting with WordPress faster and in some cases more accessible should you be locked out of admin. Gulp can automate tedious tasks that are universal to any website (concatenation, minification, image optimization, etc.).

Gulp will be used mostly for the front end stuff like concatenation of code, image optimization, etc. But since it is based on node.js, anything a node package can do can be plugged on gulp.

Otherwise, wp-cli, on the other hand, will mostly be used to access different functionalities of WordPress through the command line which will be useful in many cases. For example, I used it recently to export the remote database sql file to reimport it locally really easily (don’t need to use mysqldump with credentials as it loads dynamically the informations from the wp-config.php) so I had only to do “wp db export dump.sql” then change my wp-config.php to reflect localhost settings then “wp db import dump.sql”

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WooCommerce has been applauded by those non-tech folks who are looking to convert their WordPress website into a full featured e-commerce website. Online merchants, both small and large sized are adopting the WooCommerce plugin as it’s simple to install and customize. To top that, it’s free.

Ever since it’s initial release ,Wordpress has established itself as one of the best solutions for powering an online store. And with increasing number of plugins available ,WooCommerce has made a mark for itself by running on 24% of e-commerce sites with total downloads reaching 6.7 million (figures as on March 2015). With such a large community present, there is a plethora of resources for those looking for help.

If you are looking to join the WooCommerce extension bandwagon, we bring together some of the best WooCommerce plugins to help you boost your ecommerce website. Some of these are paid ones, but they make it to our list by delivering a positive ROI to hundreds of users worldwide.

  1. Master slider– Responsive touch slider

Want to display your product with a professional style on your ecommerce website? This responsive plugin will enable you to create eight different slider types for your product. Owing to it’s automatic slide sample building ability, you can create a complete slide with just a few clicks. This device friendly slider works perfectly in all major devices, supporting touch navigation with pure swipe gestures that you have never experienced before.

As Master Slider has been built using the best practises in WordPress (both on front and back end), it is efficient, robust and intuitive. Moreover it works with all wordpress themes, including the default ones.

2. WooCommerce customer history

Customer insight, be it on whatever aspect, is important. The customer history extension empowers you with information on how your customers navigate through your site, calculates how much revenue a particular customer will generate for you over a lifetime and keeps their purchase histories.

The makers of WooCommerce customer history extension realized the importance of reporting and analytics in analysing customer behaviour. As an e-commerce website owner, this customer insight can empowers you with endless possibilities : From rolling out promotional campaigns to optimizing your sales process parallel with user experience.

Though this is not a free plugin, a good value for your money is guaranteed. After all, a little investment in the right things is the principle of life !!

3. WooCommerce follow-up emails

Another plugin on our list that will directly impact customer experience and hence, sales. Follow up emails can work wonders for an ecommerce website. It is the best form of direct marketing. WooCommerce follow up email plugin ensures that your customers keep coming back to you for repeat purchases by enabling you to send customized follow-up emails.

You can draft e-mail templates for different customers and set up a time frame, in which these emails will be automatically sent to your customers. The timeline of these emails will be set as per the customer scenarios. For ex: If somebody has purchased a 500ml bottle of shampoo today, you can send an email after 30 days along the lines of “Hope you liked the shampoo” and another reminder email after 6 months as “Would you like to re-order?”. You can edit the email body and purchase requirements before an email is sent out.

This plugin definitely lets you leverage the single purchase a customer made on your site, directly impacting your top line revenue.

4. WooCommerce Multilingual

When you are selling your product globally, you must ensure that your ecommerce site is fully multilingual. WooCommerce multilingual plugin turns product and website pages into translatable ones.Moreover it allows them to switch languages and place orders in their respective language without any hassles.

Imagine some bloke in Japan will who was searching for a particular product all over the web, found it on your website and saw that all product descriptions could be translated in Japanese AND the checkout process was in Japanese too !! You can almost feel him appreciating your efforts in language adaptation, can’t you?

Moreover, it inventory tracking happens without breaking products into languages.And you can run a single WooCommerce store with multiple currencies.

Cool, isn’t it???

5. Pushover for WooCommerce

Mobile is everywhere, with increasing internet penetration and faster internet speeds. And e commerce has not been left behind, spreading significantly over the mobile platform. Pushover for WooCommerce integrates with the Pushover notifications app for both Android and iOS systems.

All you have to do is install the plugin and follow a few simple steps. You will automatically receive notifications on new orders, out of stock items, etc. on your mobile device. This is mobility at it’s best.

6. WooCommerce admin bar addition