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Seo | NCProject - Part 2
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Businesses today have taken a step back from traditional marketing styles and switched to the internet. With the increasing popularity of the internet and the dependence of growth up on it, it has become important to make sure that any company has a prominent online reputation. Before the social media sites and other mediums rose to success, blogging was one of the most prominent ways to build the reputation that they wanted – and it still is.


Many companies tend to ignore this aspect of marketing altogether. But it is necessary that they continue to blog while they are using all the other mediums to attract consumers to their product or service. There are many purposes that a blog serves, the first one being that it is the foundation to all the social media activities. Social media no doubt is a faster medium of getting to the larger crowds, but it is not possible to convey the entire message through a Facebook or Twitter post. Businesses and individuals who look to build a brand have to use a blog to do so, because they need to communicate with people in detail; not with just a few lines of text. Organisations have to understand that the people might spend time on something that they do not know about, but no one will spend money on anything that they are skeptical about.

Secondly, blogs give organisations a chance to focus on different issues. There has to be some strategizing and planning, but when a blog is in place it can easily become the main source of traffic to any company website. You can also have multiple blogs/categories; one can talk about the product, while another can talk about the services that are offered along with it. There is absolutely no restriction as to how much detail one can put into a blog to attract customers.

Thirdly, a blog is solid content. Pictures and videos are very effective mediums of promotion and marketing (these can be included into blog posts). But, a blog has the most impact on people’s mind as they read it, and re-read if they do not comprehend any part of it. Considering that it is text, there is no room for misinterpretation by the reader. They can exactly know what the company is trying to communicate to them and make their choices accordingly rather than meeting with unpleasant surprises later.

Fourthly, a clean blog can gain the trust of potential customers, as well as potential employees. It has to be well written with the correct spellings and grammar with links to related searches. Just three elements can make a person come back to the blog site repeatedly for information and other commercial purposes.

Fifthly, a blog can also be a forum for conversation through comments. This purpose is also solved by the different social media sites on the internet. Most of the comments made on social media accounts are doubts about the subject rather than discussions and arguments on it. On the other hand, a blog gives a descriptive view of the topic and also a better understanding of the same so that relevant discussions can take place.

Sixthly, a blog is also a way to showcase creativity. It can be highly impactful and also a conversation starter in forums of people who have thought and views about the topic. For a writer too, it is one of the best avenues to flaunt their skills and in turn show the level of staff a company has on its team. It is also a way of unlocking new ideas and concepts that were present in the mind of the writer but were not converted to words.

Lastly, a blog is a very instrumental tool when it comes to search engine optimisation. Smart usage of the keyword and other factors in the blog can gain first page rankings on popular search engines. It also comes with the provision of having hashtags and other tags that can be used by search engines as sings to direct people to the blog. It is a common phenomenon where the search engines direct and control the most navigation from one page to another, then why not be friendly with them?

It is due to all the above reasons that a blog is an important part of any business organisation. A business organisation can succeed without it, but can do much better with its assistance. It acts as a foundation pillar for all kinds of online marketing strategies. Every other strategy can be made to touch base with the blog for better comprehension.

Three Key Points to Take Away

  • Blogs bring you more customers
  • Blogs bring your website more traffic
  • Blogs give you more search rankings
  • Blogs improved the communication between a business and its customers

Author Bio: Ricky Dawn believes the internet is the future and content is king; he also thinks spammers should be banned from the internet – he runs his own SEO and web development blog, with his latest guide being How to rank a video on YouTube.


Any business practice can be performed within the bounds of accepted business ethics or outside of it. “White hat SEO” follows the rules set forth by the search engines, while “black hat” attempts to skirt its way around them.


The various methods of search engine optimization have been given various “hat colors,” with a nod to the old spaghetti Westerns that often depicted the good guys as wearing white hats and the bad guys as wearing black ones. Those who practice ethical SEO are called the “white hats” while the spammers are called the “black hats.” Those who fall somewhere in between are often called the “gray hats.”

Over time, various different shades have been added to the roster:

Black-as-Pitch SEO: This is the type who probably installs spyware.Charcoal-Colored Hat SEO: Someone who steals content for other sites for a splog (spam blog). (Personally, I think this falls squarely within the black hat category.)

Dark Gray Hat SEO: Barely skirts the bounds of legality by optimizing queries for irrelevant pages.

Muddy Gray Hat SEO: Creating link farms and such for SEO.

Gray Hat SEO:  Barely skirts around the bounds of a search engine’s webmaster guidelines.

Gunmetal Gray Hat SEO:  Lots of original content but mainly aimed at search engines.

Off-White Hat SEO:  The main back linking strategy is from friends.

White Hat SEO:  Someone who assiduously creates only the content that he thinks someone is searching for. (I hope this is probably the category my own sites fall into.)

Brilliant, Almost Fluorescent White Light Hat SEO: Does everything the regular white hat guy does and also takes pains to make sure his pages will never appear in irrelevant queries.

Okay, this is getting a little ridiculous, but it’s clear that some people overcomplicate the issue of white hat versus black hat.

Aside from the question of whether practicing white hat versus black hat makes one a better person or not, or even whether it makes one better at SEO, it really comes down to what method of site promotion is the most effective. Certainly, those who practice white hat SEO probably run less risk of getting banned from the search engines, although, presumably, those who practice black hat SEO have figured this possibility into their business models.

However, I think we can draw some general guidelines as to what constitutes white hat SEO. It includes:

Incorporating keyword density in a natural manner within the text.

Paying attention to Alt Text, Meta Tags, Meta Descriptions, Titles and Headers on your website.

Linking naturally from your site to related sites. Developing lots of high quality, original content for your site. It would be easy to say that the tactics of the black hatters don’t really bother me and that they are the search engine’s problem to deal with, but this would not be true. Spam clutters my mailbox as it does everybody else’s. People have ripped off my articles verbatim without crediting me, or have run them through “spinners” that have garbled the text, sometimes without the courtesy of removing my name as the author!

The worst thing is that it is all so unnecessary. I don’t think that most sites need to resort to black hat tactics.

Of course, there are always attractions to black hat SEO, including dramatically improving one’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking in a relatively short span of time.

But it’s just an action for the moment. The top search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) regularly update their algorithms to penalize black hat SEO.

Take the old SEO technique of hiding keyword-dense text within your webpages, usually by making the text the same color as the page background. This allowed you to have massive keyword density without the drawback of phony-sounding text. SEO experts are pretty universal in warning that this technique will do you more harm than good these days.

SEO depends on what the webmaster’s goal is. Is she willing to trade a bunch of throwaway domains for the off-chance of a temporary payoff, or does she desire a stable business that may take a lot of time and energy to create, but that can pay off handsomely over the long run?

It’s a lot like gambling or playing the stock market. If you’re willing to take huge risks, then there’s a chance you can make big money. However, there’s usually an even bigger chance that you can lose all your money as well. It all boils down to just how much of a gambler you are.

Search engines have developed methods of detecting hidden, keyword-rich text, and they not surprisingly label it as “keyword spam.” Not only will they mark such a site as “black hat” but they will penalize it and possibly remove it from the search listings entirely. If this should happen to you, it could take months or years to recover.

The current black hat tricks are a bit more sophisticated and include:

Cloaking — Having a different version of a page to show to search engines vs. visitors

Duplicate Content — Creating numerous versions of a webpage to increase rankings

Link Farms — Joining sites whose sole intention is to increase your backlinks unnaturally

Page Jacking — Stealing text from other sites and using it as your own

You may find ebooks and PC-only software programs promising you massive search engine success in a very short length of time, but besides asking yourself whether they work, you must ask yourself if they are worth the risk. Remember that search engines are highly suspicious of rapidly climbing websites and if one is found to engage in black hat SEO, it will be penalized severely and perhaps even removed completely from the search engine results.

There is really no reason to gamble with your site if you are interested in long-term success. White hat optimization, while it may take more time, will not only be less stressful, but it will be a lot easier over the long run.

Tim Arends is an Internet and Apple computer user of nearly 20 years who provides freelance writing services on SEO, social media and the Internet to bloggers, Internet marketers and app developers. Hire him for a complete content-creation strategy for promoting your business.


For native tiny businesses to be competitive within the future, sensible content has to be integrated into their branded web site and shared socially to possess most reach. that as you denote reinforces importance through influencers and interaction.

We tell shoppers to concentrate on responsive your users wants and quality content can result. however will they offer The Answers to Problems?


Taking apodiform bird and linguistics internet into account, the best means to describe the new take on keywords is to be colloquial in nature with something you’re writing. We tell clients to explain what they’re doing; capture what their customers trust what they’redoing. Essentially – talk such as you would during a face-to-face conversation.

1. client Reviews, otherwise called testimonials:
These will be embedded inside their web site, captured on external sites or obtained within the style of audio or video.

2. employees activity summaries
These summaries from their team describe what they are doing to unravel their customer’s issues.

These 2 forms of user generated content enable native SMB to have interaction during a “conversation” with a searcher regarding what their company is doing—and what their customers feel regarding it.

Where ought to this content finish up?
User-generated, dynamic content is very valuable if it’s printed within the right places. There ar 2 destinations each service SMB ought to concentrate on obtaining their content to:

1. SMB company branded website:
After basic SEO, each native SMB has to maximize their potential exposure to prospects by desegregation their period of time, dynamic user-generated content directly into their branded web site. this can be the simplest thanks to marry structured knowledge to keyword connectedness. we have a tendency to suggest all content be embedded within the web site victimization correct schema and different markup conventions. For even additional impact, think about segmenting the structured knowledge by location, employee or different variable the users might notice helpful.

2. Social sharing
As acceptable, user-generated content ought to even be shared through the social media destinations most relevant to the corporate vertical.


We all grasp that SEO is evolving. Further, the connexion of top quality and frequent content around market position is essential.

With 2014 simply a couple of days away, and additional brands and businesses hold content promoting, you’ll be disquieted concerning however your team will frequently manufacture content that’s shareable and interesting. creating matters worse, it’s about to be even more durable to face bent on the media once everybody with a transportable may be a news supply.

content marketing

Never fear. A well thought out content and PR calendar for 2014 is that the engine which will drive your on-line visibility. Here’s a way to arrange effectively for content promoting in 2014.

Let Your Content arrange Be Your Guide

A content arrange, the same as a piece calendar, guides the assembly of your publication schedule.

News retailers as well as CNN, Mashable, Forbes, The ny Times, and also the Wall Street Journal manufacture news across multiple trade topics on a each day. The content that they manufacture follows a collection of editorial pointers that align with their worth proposition and their readers’ interests.

Define Your Coverage space

To produce your content arrange you may got to initial outline what topics you would like to possess (what is your company nice at). From there, what subgroups of knowledge} or information are you able to cite on-line, all the time (to manufacture original content).

Think About Your Audience

Understanding your on-line audience’s behavior is that the most significant factor you’ll be able to do, as this may assist you form doubtless partaking and sharable content.

Another audience you need to contemplate is that the media:

Who ought to be your secondary audience once you are pondering content planning?
What is your primary audiences’ favorite news sources online?
What reporters does one follow on Twitter?
When was the last time you mamma through The ny Times?
Have AN SEO Strategy

When it involves content designing, you higher have a solid SEO strategy able to support your content promoting investment. For best results, you must develop your content with each your audience and Google in mind.

Optimize all of your content, including:

Blog posts
Online videos
Web copy
Landing pages
Podcasts/audio files
Have a Social Media Strategy

Content designing supports the core of social media promoting. to start content designing in relevancy your social media promoting program, you will need to run some KPI and analytical reports on current content sharing and consumption to assess within which areas your future content ought to focus.

If you are very about to invest fully on content promoting in 2014, confirm that you simply have the simplest social media management and observation tool in situ for your business. the sort of tool are going to be keen about the degree of content being managed.

Also, confirm that whoever are going to be manufacturing your content in this specific space (writer, artist, animator, copywriter, graphic designer) is enclosed within the content designing and is extremely qualified to try to to that job.

Online PR is essential to Success

In the world of on-line promoting, doing packaging (PR) right is concerning understanding the “how,” “when,” and “where” of authoritative bloggers, reporters, and journalists. once you start to plan your PR calendar for 2014, have a targeted plan for such people.

Online PR isn’t much different than traditional PR. you continue to got to follow the skilled rules of media stretch. you continue to got to have unique and interesting content such sort of a viral video and also the process behind its development.

In on-line PR, however, it’s vital that you simply stay prime of daily (if not real-time) trends, and follow what’s being absorbed within the news. Twitter must be your ally.

Let Your Company Leader Lead the manner

Your company leader is a vital stigmatisation tool and might facilitate together with your PR and content plans. Use this person’s temperament values as a pacesetter and contributions to their trade to your advantage as a part of your content promoting.

As you propose out your company’s visibility, accept however you’ll be able to build thought leadership by as well as your company leader in content, whether or not it’s causative guest web log posts, interviews, Google Hangouts, and also the like.


ROI Targeting Differs From Budget Targeting
The reason these 2 goals area unit typically incompatible is that ROI targeting takes the dynamics of the auction under consideration and lets the ROI dictate the quantity of ad pay. pay rises and falls supported your ability to deliver profitable results. once you area unit told you need to pay to a selected budget, your budget really influences the dynamics of the auction and your ability to optimize CPAs.

For example, if you’re given an additional $100K and told to pay it this month, you merely have a number of choices obtainable to you within the short term. you’ll be able to increase bids to urge a lot of traffic from higher positioning; however, you’ll pay a lot of for that traffic. you’ll be able to additionally permit a lot of budget to flow to your marginal campaigns, that additionally degrades your ROI.

If on the opposite hand, your budget is unnatural, then you’re forced to create choices like advertising solely on your complete terms, speed down the pace of your ad serving by exploitation customary ad delivery, or just lease your campaigns run out of cash before the top of the month, permitting your competitors to reap the advantages of your falling by the wayside of the auction.

I think that almost all SEM professionals and company CEOs would agree that managing PPC campaigns to ROI targets with at liberty budgets is that the ideal budgeting situation. sense appears to counsel that if your paid search campaigns area unit rising each revenues and profits, you’d need to pay the maximum amount as you’ll be able to to stay the great times rolling.

Unfortunately, the truth (and unreality) of company accounting and designing structures usually dictates that short budget targets area unit cast-in-concrete and to be met in the least prices, notwithstanding business results. during this surroundings, missing your budget either by under-spending or over-spending is Associate in Nursing undesirable outcome, and attracts unwanted (and usually unwarranted) attention to your campaign management superior skill.

So, unless you’re one in all the lucky PPC managers with unlimited budget as long as you hit ROI targets, otherwise you have the bluster to ignore budgets to prove your management masculinity, your best bet is to come back in right the mark.

Staying at intervals vary Of Your Target Budget
I typically worry regarding 3 things once it involves managing monthly budget targets: (1) going over budget, (2) obtaining too way beneath budget and (3) processing through our budget before the top of the month. of those worries, preventing over-spend is maybe the best drawback to avoid.

Preventing Over-Spend

If we tend to area unit severely budget-limited, taking the campaigns offline once the budget is exhausted is that the actually the best possibility. I don’t like doing this as a result of it appears therefore contrary to common business sense.

However, I actually have additionally found that nothing is a lot of motivating to shoppers than the thought of their competitors gaining advantage by having the search results pages all to themselves! therefore, generally this feature works well to release a lot of funding for paid search.

Going Over Budget

To prevent campaigns from going over budget, the primary line of defense is to use the budget settings at intervals Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing Ads.

Bing Ads: Bing Ads permits you to line monthly or daily budgets for your campaigns. If you select to line monthly budgets, Bing Ads can show your ads onceever they qualify for Associate in Nursing auction so pause them when your monthly budget is exhausted. instead, you’ll be able to additionally use Bing Ad’s daily budgeting feature to unfold your ad pay across the complete month.

For example, if your monthly budget is $3,000 for a month with thirty days, setting your daily budget to $100 can make sure that your ads show each day. With daily budgeting, you’ll be able to additionally set the ad delivery to either customary or accelerated pacing. customary delivery suggests that Bing can pace the delivery of your ads so they show throughout the day supported your budget. Accelerated delivery suggests that your ads can show all told eligible auctions till your daily budget runs out.

Google Ad Words: In AdWords, you can’t set a monthly budget directly. Instead, Google calculates an efficient monthly budget supported your daily budget setting. AdWords multiplies your daily budget by thirty.4 (the average range of days in a very month) and uses that worth as your monthly most pay.

During the month, your AdWords pay might vary, extraordinary the daily limit by the maximum amount as 20%; however at the top of the month, your budget won’t exceed your target ad pay. So, as an example, if your daily budget is $100 per day, then your total monthly most pay won’t exceed $3040. you’ll be able to additionally share a budget across some or all of your campaigns to confirm your whole account stays at intervals limits.

Under defrayal

Under defrayal budget is additionally one in all my budgeting worries, and it’s a tricky one to manage if you drag. beneath defrayal will happen for variety of reasons: basic cognitive process to campaigns, ads that are suddenly rejected, another massive rival has entered your area and is intake into your search click volume, or your consumer suddenly decides they have to dump plenty a lot of funding into your campaigns within the middle of the month.

In massive firms, this tends to happen at the top of business quarters or the top of business years. whereas nobody ever likes to show down extra budget, handling an enormous budget bump is terribly difficult within the short term.

Tracking Daily pay
When touch budget numbers becomes Associate in Nursing preponderating demand, it’s vital to stay a awfully shut eye wherever we tend to area unit relative to the target monthly pay and create bid and budget changes daily. The challenge is knowing however massive or tiny the changes ought to be, as a result of each day of the week has its own traffic and ad defrayal profile that must be taken under consideration.